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January 17th, 2022

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"The priorities in our tech ecosystem have changed, contributing to a growing unease amongst individuals who work in the field or study it. The goal of consumer tech development used to be pretty simple: design and build something of value to people, giving them a reason to buy it. A new refrigerator is shiny, cuts down on my energy bills, makes cool-looking ice cubes. So I buy it. Done. It’s not enough for a refrigerator to keep food cold; today’s version offers cameras and sensors that can monitor how and what I’m eating, while the Roomba could soon be able to send a map of my house to Amazon. The issue here goes far beyond the obvious privacy risks. It’s a sea change in the entire model for innovation and the incentives that drive it. Why settle for a single profit-taking transaction for the company when you can instead design a product that will extract a monetizable data stream from every buyer, returning revenue to the company for years? If the US is any indicator of the trajectory of global technology development, then deep trouble lies ahead for us all, because we have clearly lost the plot."

We have over-indexed on tech. And not a little bit. It’s way, way over. There are 50-eleven gazillion apps. Each one performs a specific task and many of them the same task in different ways. For instance, here’s a list of some of online data education platform choices. We have edX, Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Sololearn, Dataquest, DataCamp, LinkedIn Learning, Simplilearn, etc. And these platforms are standalone companies. There’s a slew of higher education institutions with data programs and smaller companies that are providing data skills training. We don’t want monopolies, especially in the education space, but we have to admit that we’re all experiencing cognitive overload in our tech choice selection. Each platform has nuances that’s not transferrable to another online data education platform. That’s problem #1.

So much of modern tech is pure noise. The ‘move fast and break things’ mantra has fallen off the cliff. We have an app for everything. Not everything needs, should have, or constitutes having an app. For example, have you heard of Fartr? It’s an app that grades your flatulence. Ok, that’s TMI.

Let’s switch gears. Have you heard of Phone Cleaner (Android users only)? It claims to help your device remove junk, shut down unused apps, boost memory allocation and other things. But get this, mobile devices come with these operations and you don’t have to do anything as the user. These phone “cleaning” apps are a sham — they don’t work by nature of them being an app. An app doesn’t have access to the core of a mobile device’s system to do all the task they claim.

And as a last example, what about the uselessness of MidJourney’s generation of fake similar-looking (white) people? I tweeted about it here. There’s a lot to unpack here from MidJourney stealing hundreds of millions of images (without person’s consent) to why they created fake white people. Let’s table that for now. If you’ve been reading RTN for a while you know what I’m about to say: the last thing tech and the digital space needs is more white people — even AI-generated fake ones. Regardless, my point is that there’s too much tech for tech’s sake. That’s problem #2.

These problems and the 48-eleven gazillion more are the reason why ethics in data, computing, AI and tech in general is so important. We, the people, must keep tech “innovators” accountable to making purposeful, responsible and inclusive tech, otherwise, we don’t condone it and tech needs to trash it ASAP.

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Data Conscience Corner

AI Blindspot, (a project of Assembly Program) is a discovery process for preventing, detecting, and mitigating bias in AI systems. Blindspots can occur at any point in the pipeline during the development of a model, from when the model is first conceptualized to when it is built and even after it is deployed.

AI Blindspot aims to stimulate discussion and deliberation about the pitfalls of AI systems. AI Blindspot has a 1o step discovery process that helps organizations spot and address unconscious biases and structural inequalities that can lead to unintended consequences when deploying AI systems.


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