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February 14th, 2023

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"OpenAI recently open-sourced Whisper, a speech recognition and translation system trained on 680,000 hours of multilingual data from the web. It offers transcription and translation capabilities in multiple languages. The primary audience is AI researchers studying the robustness and limitations of the system. Whisper has limitations, such as the potential to include words in transcriptions that weren't actually spoken and unequal performance across languages, especially for languages with limited representation in the training data.”

With this quick read (it'll take you 3-4 minutes), there is a decisive conclusion and a brief commentary to leave you to ponder:

  1. A 19% error rate for Black men users over white men users solidify that Whisper is white people's tech. It'll perform well, e.g., be "robust", for simple multi-person conversations like legal proceedings or conferences. It wasn't built for the language texture of Black, Latin, Asian and Indigenous people. So AI community, go wild and do all the research on a platform that excludes 80%-85% of the world's population. Good luck with that!
  2. Is someone building AAVE-inclusive and culturally-responsive speech recognition platform? If not, should someone really be working on this? I'm truly on the fence on this one. On one side, building speech recognition systems with Black, Latin, Asian and Indigenous people as the centers would be more equitable. But on the other side, there are cultural phrases like "don't take no wooden nickels" that aren't for a database to house. Sometimes what's spoken can't be translated into text. It's meant only for humans to interpret. Share your thoughts with me on social using #WhisperInColor (@csdoctorsister on twitter and brandeis-marshall on LinkedIn).

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