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March 28th, 2023

The Rebel Tech Newsletter is our safe place to critique data and tech algorithms, processes and systems. We highlight a recent data article in the news and share resources to help you dig deeper in understand how our digital world operates. DataedX Group helps data educators, scholars and practitioners learn how to make responsible data connections. We help you source remedies and interventions based on the needs of your team or organization.


“A lot of so-called AI systems are fueled by millions of underpaid workers around the world, performing repetitive tasks under precarious labor conditions. These tech companies hire data labelers, delivery drivers, and content moderators. Startups are even hiring people to impersonate AI systems like chatbots, due to the pressure by venture capitalists to incorporate so-called AI into their products. London-based venture capital firm MMC Ventures surveyed 2,830 AI startups in the EU and found that 40% of them didn’t use AI in a meaningful way.”

The conveniences of AI that we enjoy are thanks to low-wage essential data laborers. While tech companies make 100s+ millions of dollars, a data labeler on average makes $1.77 per task. To add insult to injury, data labelers are surveilled and must perform each task under 50 second time constraints. Data labelers do the hard heart work that prevent the masses from seeing what they see. They’re also being paid poorly to behave as soulless algorithms in order to help a more complicated web of soulless algorithms (called large language models) in order to digitize the human experience through an intentionally whitewashed lens.

These data labelers should be added as yet-another demographic harmed by the implementation of AI systems and platforms. So let’s list all the communities affected by automated decision systems: Black people, Latin people, Indigenous people, Asian/South Asian people, Pacific Islander people, womxn people, LGBTQ+ people, disabled people, non-Christian people, low-wage data labelers and so on. Aren’t we, as humans, tired of ‘discovering’ groups of people made invisible by the tech ecosystem? Aren’t we ready to insist that AI systems and platforms must contain an enforceable standard of humanity?

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